From a beauty salon in 1983 that focused on the necessities of skincare and grooming, the More Than Skin brand has developed into the award-winning spas you visit today, with an emphasis on complete wellness for body, mind and soul. A truly gentle way to look at the world and what beauty means, alongside the importance of relaxation and touch for good health and glowing skin.

We’re proud of what More Than Skin has become, inclusive of a holistic view of the body, which has evolved into looking deeper than the first layer of the skin. To include this approach to skin health was a natural evolution for us.

The trend of self-care is all about being kind to yourself. Our spa environment reflects this with our warm, welcoming, luxurious aesthetic that is enjoyed by both male and female clients. We also take great care in our colour and design choices, as well as where we source our linen from.

We hold education in high regard, with wellness seminars each quarter. Our team truly love what we do, transforming our clients from the inside out with our handpicked selection of treatments, products, books and supplements which we share with our clients each season.

You’ll find global care at the core of our products; from the gorgeous Kester Black range, a completely sustainable line of nail polish, through to the WelleCo Elixirs introduced in 2017. We are inspired by global remedies and this season for instance we introduced an Indian Scalp Massage (30min, $60), which you can also enjoy in our extended Wellness Experience – Body (60min, $110). This treatment incorporates the tourmaline gemstone, known to promote detoxification and boost the immune system and is based on eastern techniques to destress from head to toe.

In summary we are doing our best to make the More Than Skin experience as positive for our clients as it is for our environment and we hope you have enjoyed this brief insight into the essence of our business. Thank you for joining us on our beautiful journey through skincare necessities to the bigger picture of wellness. Make sure you take the time to meet with us soon so we can help you with maintaining a healthy and happy balance. We really do believe in “more than skin”. Stay well xx